Callanetics For a Beautiful Figure

Women in callanetics class performing exercises.

What is Callanetics?

Callanetics (or calanetics) is a form of fitness gymnastics, named after the author Callan Pinckney. It is a comprehensive system of static exercises aimed at stretching and contracting the muscles.

Callanetics is a highly effective and proven training method, has been recommended by thousands of people who have seen remarkable results in their bodies using a precise sequence of layered movements. This unique system of exercises, causing the activity of deeply located muscle groups, yields amazing results.

The Pulse is the key to Callanetics’ effectiveness – a gentle, precise movement that sculpts and tones the muscles. Callanetics is so effective because of this pulsing action, which is combined with precise positioning and body alignment.

This is the most significant difference between Callanetics and other traditional exercise programs. Callanetics has been praised by thousands of people who have seen transformations in their bodies. Not just the trouble areas women talk about, but all over the body.

Callanetics is a unique set of exercises for all parts of the body: legs, buttocks, hips, arms, shoulders, back and abdominals. It includes exercises from various types of oriental gymnastics, as well as special breathing techniques.

One hour of gymnastic callanetics gives the body a load equal to seven hours of classical shaping, or 24 hours of aerobics.

Callanetics is a a type of gymnastics based on stretching exercises that activate deeply located muscle groups. Each exercise is designed in such a way that all the muscles of the body work simultaneously.

This is the ultimate body re-shaping program. It’s fast and effective!

By using callanetics you can:

1. Restore metabolism.
2. Reduce body weight and reduce its volume.
3. Improve posture.
4. Learn to own your body.
5. Strengthen the muscles.

Who Is Callanetics For?

It is very important to know who should not be involved in callanetics and what restrictions exist.

Unfortunately, there are many restrictions that prescribe a gentle pace, or even prohibit the execution of some complex movements. We will talk about them especially.

But this does not mean that you must put an end to gymnastics. Just make simpler movements, similar to callanetics, but in a simplified form.

For example, if the exercise calls for repeating 20, 30 or more times, try to do it at least 5 times. The effect will not be as fast, however, but reliable and not threatening to your health.

In particular, this applies to those who have various diseases associated with the cardiovascular system.

After any surgery, at least a year must pass before you can deal with callanetics.

Women who have had a cesarean section will even have to slightly increase this period to 1.5 years in order to avoid rupture of stitches.

People with very poor eyesight must first consult a doctor, as the callanetics complex may not be suitable for them.

Classes for those who have asthmatic diseases are prohibited.

For any diseases of the spine, you must first consult your doctor, and if there is no way to immediately do this, avoid sharp turns in one direction or another.

In general, in this case, minimize the number of movements and perform them as smoothly as possible.

With varicose veins, leg strengthening exercises, in particular squats and half-squats, are prohibited. Choose only those that act on the part of the legs from the lower leg to the thigh.

If you have hemorrhoids, squatting in this case is strictly prohibited! After a relatively recent infectious disease, do not rush to take callanetics. Wait out the recovery period, during which be sure to take a course of taking multivitamins and minerals. And only after consulting a doctor, start your studies again.

A few more tips

1. Do only what you can, and do not force your body to what it is not yet ready for. Relax more often at the beginning of classes, and if you feel muscle pain, although you have only done 20 more repetitions, and you need at least 50, do not overstrain.

2. It is advisable to perform exercises in front of the mirror. Then you can observe yourself and better record the movement.

3. The breath should be maintained at a normal rate. Try not to delay it, otherwise the body will not receive the amount of oxygen that it expects.

4. Move in silence, otherwise the pace may go astray.

5. As has already been stated, you will not immediately begin to lose weight; on the contrary, you might even gain it a little. This is because trained muscles weigh more than flabby muscles.

When performing exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles, if they are also quite soft, it will also “grow” a little at the beginning for the same reason. But do not be alarmed: over time, everything will return to normal.

Callanetic Exercises

Part 1 – Warm Ups

  • Exercise 1 – Warm Up
  • Exercise 2 – Warm Up
  • Exercise 3 – Strengthening the shoulder girdle.
  • Exercise 4 – Exercise for the waist.
  • Exercise 5 – Stretching the legs.
  • Exercise 6 – Exercise for the neck.

View warm up exercises page.

Part 2 – Abdominal Exercises

  • Exercise 7 – Abs
  • Exercise 8 – Abs
  • Exercise 9 – Abs
  • Exercise 10 – Abs

View abdominal exercises page.

Part 3 – Toning the Legs

  • Exercise 11 – Toning the legs
  • Exercise 12 – Toning the legs
  • Exercise 13 – Toning the legs
  • Exercise 14 – Toning the legs

View leg-toning exercises page.

Part 4 – Toning the Butt

  • Exercise 15 – Buttocks and Hips
  • Exercise 16 – Buttocks and Hips
  • Exercise 17 – Buttocks and Hips
  • Exercise 18 – Buttocks and Hips
  • Exercise 19 – Buttocks and Hips

Part 5 – Stretching the Muscles.

  • Exercise 20 – Stretching
  • Exercise 21 – Stretching
  • Exercise 22 – Stretching
  • Exercise 23 – Stretching
  • Exercise 24 – Stretching
  • Exercise 25 – Stretching

Part 6 – Belly Dancing

  • Exercise 26 – Belly Dancing
  • Exercise 27 – Belly Dancing
  • Exercise 28 – Belly Dancing

Part 7 – Strengthening the Legs

  • Exercise 29 – Strengthening the legs
  • Exercise 30 – Strengthening the legs

Knowing that most women do not like to do gymnastics, Callan Pinckney recommends performing hourly “sessions” twice a week only in the initial period, when it is necessary to lose weight. When the weight starts to come off, an hour a week will be enough to maintainwhat has been achieved.

As soon as your figure approaches your desired ideal, callanetics can be done for just fifteen minutes, but every day.

Callanetics results can be “measured” and “weighed” after just a few hours of class. But the exercises must be performed very accurately, following the instructions.

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