Tai Chi For the Strength and Confidence That We All Need

Group of people performing tai chi in the park.

Tai Chi will help manage your energy.

The ancient Chinese developed a series of exercises called Tai Chi Chuan. Perfectly executed Tai – Chi Chuan is like a graceful dance. In fact, it began as a dance with which one could succeed in the art of war and prevent disease.

Experts believe that the ancient art of Tai Chi can be successfully used in the following cases:

For preventing bone fractures and strengthening muscle tissue in the elderly.

  • To strengthen all joints.
  • To prevent osteoporosis.
  • To reduce the rehabilitation period after injuries and fractures as a result of a fall.
  • In order for the body to become more flexible and to improve coordination of movements.
  • To maintain a person in a state of “general vigor”.

Tai Chi is as good for self-defense as it is an excellent exercise for physical development. If you are interested in defense technology, please contact the sports sections, which now exist in almost all countries.

But if you want to master excellent exercises, consult a specialist, and after a few lessons you can easily continue training on your own, even every day.

A few rules for practicing Tai Chi

  • Movements should be slow and fluid.
  • Attention should be directed to your own body.
  • You must breathe slowly and freely.

A set of the best Tai Chi exercises

1. Dive into Chi. Stand straight with feet hip-width apart. Body weight should be evenly distributed over both feet. Bend your knees slightly. This is the starting position. Take a deep breath. Raise your arms to shoulder level, your hands are raised. Bend your elbows so that your palms are level with your forehead. Now straighten your arms, stretching them out in front of you. Repeat 4 times.

2. “Hug the moon”. Get into the starting position. Do a deep breath. Bend your arms as if wrapping an imaginary ball. Put the toes of the right foot on the ground, the heel touches the ankle of the left leg. Take the knees of the right leg to the side.

3. Horse Mane. Stand in the pose “Hug the moon”, exhale deeply. Step to the side with your right foot. Legs should be slightly more than shoulder-width apart. At the same time, put your right hand forward, the elbow is slightly bent, the hand is raised up, the palm is directed towards the face. Press the wrist of the left hand, bent at the elbow, to the upper part of the thigh, the wrist extended forward.

4. Jerk. Standing in the horse mane pose, do a deep inhale and lean back. Slowly straighten up. At the same time, bend your left arm at the elbow so that the palm rises to the level of the forehead. Bend your right arm at the elbow, palm down. Take a deep breath. With a sharp movement, throw your left hand forward. The hand is bent, the palm is directed forward.


Tai Chi Chuan – A Dance For Health

Perform exercises 2-3-4 in a row. Do the whole cycle 4-6 times, alternating sides.

This set of Tai Chi Chuan exercises is a dance for health!

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